Rise. Strike. Avenge.

Blade & Soul® brings the world of Asian martial arts fantasy to life in this massively multiplayer online universe. Enter a lush world drawn from myth and legend, and bursting with action and intrigue!

Based on the distinctive visual style of acclaimed artist Hyung-Tae Kim, Blade & Soul combines martial arts inspired combat and Qing Gong action! Good and evil clash in a story of betrayal, revenge, battling factions, and warring gods.

Create your hero. Hone your martial arts skills. Unlock the secrets of Qing Gong. Choose your faction. Conquer your enemies. Bring honor to your clan.

You will have your revenge.


A World of Stunning Beauty, Menaced By Evil

A thousand-year peace is coming to an end. The fledgling Wind Empire strives to overthrow the fading Stratus Empire and unite the four continents in a new era of equality--albeit an equality enforced by military might. Amid this mortal trouble and strife come the ancient Darksiders, with the nefarious Jin Seoyeon as the harbinger of their return... and with the people fighting among themselves, there may be no one to oppose their evil plans and save the world.

Will you join the Martial Alliance to preserve the thousand-year peace of the Stratus Empire? Will you side with the rebels of the Hongcheon Doctrine to battle injustice and punish oppression? Or will you devote yourself to foiling Jin Seoyeon's evil plot to unleash the Darksiders upon the world?

A History of Peace, Shattered By Strife

Long ago, the Dark Gate opened and Impure Chi poured out across the land, plunging the world into an age of chaos. When the people cried out, the Masters of the Divine Realm imbued the most powerful martial artists with Divine Chi and commanded them to rid the world of demons and their kind. In a brutal final confrontation, the greatest of these heroes constructed the "Four Lords' Pillars," mighty columns infused with their own Chi, to seal the Dark Gate forever. These last surviving martial artists became the Four Great Masters, charged with defending the Life Realm for all eternity.

Centuries later, though, an ambitious martial artist named Jin Seoyeon, corrupted by Impure Chi, came into conflict with the Four Great Masters. Overwhelmed by their power, Jin Seoyeon perished--but, with her last breath, pledged herself to the Dark God. Now she has returned from the Nether Realm to honour that pledge and destroy the Four Lords' Pillars. But first, she must recover the key to the Dark Gate, an ancient artifact known as the Inferno Sword... and she knows exactly where to find it.

Only a mighty warrior and master of Qing Gong can stop Jin Seoyeon and thwart her diabolical plan.

Are you up to the challenge?

Game terms are not final and may change at any time.



Tall and strong, the Gon are as tenacious and destructive as their ancient dragon forebears. Although distrusted and even feared by strangers, a Gon is a fierce friend and a dependable ally.

A Gon character can choose either the disciplined path of a Kung Fu Master, or embrace his ancestry and become a Destroyer.


Moved by a sublime mix of curiosity and wisdom, the versatile Jin embody the spirit of the Black Tortoise.

A Jin character has the widest range of class options: the cunning Assassin, the deadly Blademaster, or the adept Kung Fu Master.


The mysterious Kun owe their natural beauty, grace, and dignity to the mighty Phoenix. Devotees of order and harmony, this all-female race favor the natural world over the discord of civilized life.

A Kun character may be a devastating Blademaster, but their ancestry gives them an affinity for the elements as a Force Master.


The diminutive Lyn may appear cute and harmless, but they have highly-tuned senses that make them born survivors, and also grant them the ability to see and converse with the spirits. Their sweet demeanor belies their ability, however, and it's never a good idea to underestimate a Lyn.

A Lyn--and only a Lyn--can call upon spiritual creatures as the crafty Summoner, but some Lyn prefer to command the elements as a Force Master.



Armed with lightning-fast daggers, and the stealth and speed to get them where they'll do the most damage, Assassins embody versatility and mobility. An Assassin can get in close for a quick attack, then get back out before the enemy can muster an effective counterstrike. And, when their foes are many, Assassins can throw traps to keep their opponents off-balance.


The Blademaster's sword cuts even the largest enemies down to size. A solid front-line fighter, a Blademaster offers strong offense and defense alike, but is also capable of delivering damage at range. While anyone can hack away with a sword, the Blademaster's best maneuvers present a challenge to even experienced players.


More than just brute force with a gigantic axe, the Destroyer is a melee powerhouse who can absorb an enemy's best attacks and keep right on coming. A Destroyer is equally effective against groups of foes as against a single opponent, and also commands a range of skills designed to leave enemies vulnerable to attacks from the Destroyer's allies.

Force Master

The Force Master is a ranged combatant who wields elemental powers to overwhelm enemies: ice to freeze foes in place, fire to reduce them to ashes, or blasts of pure Chi that send enemies flying. Force Masters also wield an array of defensive powers to protect themselves and their allies, making them a great addition to any team.

Kung Fu Master

A Kung Fu Master is a devastating hand-to-hand combatant, whose signature gauntlets pack a mighty punch. But a Kung Fu Master is even more effective in a defensive role, countering and redirecting incoming blows to damage and incapacitate their attackers. It takes a great deal of skill and practice to make the most of a Kung Fu Master ... but the results are well worth it!


The ideal class for beginner players, a Summoner draws upon the powers of nature to distract and disable foes from a safe distance ... while the Summoner's pet moves in for the kill. A Summoner might not be a front-line fighter like the Kung Fu Master or Blademaster, but a good Summoner can provide just the edge a party needs to turn the tide of battle.

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