Oct 03

Blade & Soul in the News

Gaming Sites Are Talking About Blade & Soul®

It's only been a few short weeks since we launched the new Blade & Soul® website, and already the response has been tremendous! We've got a lot of content planned for our future updates, but we also realize that you might have missed some of the news stories about the Western launch of Blade & Soul.

Here's what the game sites are saying so far:

Blade & Soul trailer--plus our first impressions as NCSOFT's big-hitting Korean MMO heads west

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

Blade & Soul--First Impressions

There's also this interesting video, on MMOSite.com--footage from the Gamescom press conference, with a little bit of a sneak preview of the English version of Blade & Soul!

Go check them out--then post your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!

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