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What is Blade & Soul® about?

Blade & Soul tells the story of your quest for vengeance and redemption against a backdrop of Asian fantasy. Gameplay prominently features martial arts inspired combat combined with Qing Gong "light body" movement, as made famous by films like House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

What races and classes does Blade & Soul have?

There are four races: the towering Gon, the versatile Jin, the female-only Kun, and the diminutive Lyn.

There are six classes in Blade & Soul: the stealthy Assassin, the deadly Blademaster, the axe-wielding Destroyer, the versatile Force Master, the mighty Kung Fu Master, and the elusive Summoner. For more information on these races and classes, see our Game Overview.

Which NCsoft studio is developing Blade & Soul?

Team Bloodlust is developing Blade & Soul, under the supervision of Executive Producer James Bae and Art Director Hyung-Tae Kim.

What makes this different from other Asian fantasy MMOs?

Unlike other Asian fantasy MMOs which often imitate Western concepts of fantasy, Blade & Soul draws upon the deep and fascinating mythology of a myriad of Asian cultures, which promises to bring Western players a completely new experience rich with intrigue, mysticism, and high-flying martial arts.

In the words of Art Director Hyung-Tae Kim: "Blade & Soul goes much further to infuse users' experiences and growth--the people they meet and the situations they encounter while playing the game--which we feel ties in much closer to the genre."

Is Blade & Soul going to be a grinding game like some other MMOs?

Executive Producer James Bae said it best: "I assure you, Blade & Soul will never run out of content to keep players engaged in the game. This game will not be a repetitive grind fest."

Is Blade & Soul PvP, PvE, or some combination of the two?

The gameplay of Blade & Soul is initially "player-versus-environment" (PvE), but players can choose a faction, enabling them to participate in "player-versus-player" (PvP) combat.

Will Blade & Soul incorporate any of the gameplay features that ArenaNet is implementing with Guild Wars 2®?

NCSOFT's strength is the variety of gameplay features we are able to offer across numerous titles, and we strive to make sure that each game feels distinctive. That said, trend-setting MMOs like Guild Wars 2 and Blade & Soul both offer innovative features that will likely be seen throughout the industry. For example, both games offer a beautiful and distinctive art style not seen anywhere else in the genre. Both games also feature an innovative "Downed" mechanic that keeps the martial arts action fast-paced and brutal.

Is NCSOFT developing mobile or web-based Blade & Soul applications?

We are always looking at ways to extend the game experience beyond the PC. At this time, however, we are not ready to make any announcements regarding mobile and web-based supplements to the Blade & Soul experience.

How successful has the game been in Korea?

Blade & Soul has been received extremely well in the Korean market and immediately jumped to the top of the game charts, upsetting powerhouse games like League of Legends and Diablo III. Since its Korean launch, Blade & Soul has achieved fantastic concurrency rates with more than 230,000 fans playing at a time.

Will there be a development team in the West to support Blade & Soul?

NCSOFT has a team of game designers, localisation experts, community support managers, and producers dedicated to working closely with Team Bloodlust to deliver the Blade & Soul experience to Western audiences without compromising the game's artistic vision.

How will localisation affect the distinctive flavor of the game's storyline?

We feel that Team Bloodlust has created a world and story that already have universal appeal. The Blade & Soul story arc is amazing just as it is, and we intend to maintain the integrity of that story throughout the localisation process. NCSOFT wants Blade & Soul to allow fans to live the Asian fantasy story that until now they've only seen in movies.

I'm not familiar with Hyung-Tae Kim. Who is he?

Hyung-Tae Kim is a Korean artist famous for his work in videogames and manga comics. He is perhaps best known for the Magna Carta games. His distinctive visual style directly informs the setting and character designs of Blade & Soul, and he is not only the game's art director, but he is also responsible for key gameplay elements (such as character customisation).

How do you see this game fitting into a very crowded MMO market?

It is very true that MMO fans have countless choices today. This is exactly why NCSOFT and Team Bloodlust are investing so much into Blade & Soul to ensure the game can stand out among other options gamers may have. With Art Director Hyung-Tae Kim's beautiful art style, we believe Blade & Soul will truly stand out as more than just a great MMO ... but also as an amazing visual experience.

How does this game compare to other NCSOFT titles?

Blade & Soul, like other NCSOFT titles, is a completely unique experience. For gaming fans looking for brutal martial arts, a refreshing and unique mythology, and art that is dripping with style, Blade & Soul delivers on all these fronts.

Beta Events

When does the beta start? And how do I sign up?

NCSOFT has not yet finalized beta plans for Blade & Soul, but fans can begin signing up for important information and news by subscribing to the Blade & Soul .


When does the game launch in North America and Europe?

We are eagerly working to bring this acclaimed title to Western gamers, and we will launch it when we are confident it is ready.

Which platforms does the game currently support?

Blade & Soul is being developed for the Windows PC platform.

How much will Blade & Soul cost? Will there be a subscription fee, or will Blade & Soul utilise the microtransaction business model?

As the launch date draws nearer, we will have more information to share on price and business models. However NCSOFT is actively evaluating what gaming fans in Europe and the United States want, and we are committed to creating a business model that will meet our fans' expectations.

What PEGI rating does NCsoft anticipate for Blade & Soul? Some of the content seems fairly mature. Will this impact sales forecasts?

The content rating of Blade & Soul is still pending. Please visit for more information about PEGI ratings.

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